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Ruinous Designs: A steamy romantic suspense (Tangled Hearts Book 4)

By Sara Claridge

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Chantal is in love…

With a rundown chateau.

There’s just one snag.

The new owner is planning on turning it into a bland monstrosity for the rich and famous. Winning the interior design contract is the only way for Chantal to save Chateau Vauquelin.

However, persuading the heir to the Kirkwood Hotel Group that she’s the right person for the job isn’t easy. Alessandro Kirkwood thinks she’s just some poor little rich girl who will disappear when the going gets tough.

But a series of mysterious incidents at the chateau alters everything.

Now Chantal remembers more than she’ll admit about that fateful day her parents died.

And the memory makes her blood run cold.

Ruinous Designs is a standalone steamy romantic suspense featuring an arrogant hotelier, a sassy interior designer, a beautiful Parisian chateau, and a lost memory that might destroy them all.

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Book Length: 150-320 Pages