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Saving South: A Secret Pregnancy Rockstar Romance (Damaged Souls Golden Hearts Book 3)

By Amy J. Heart

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With my band’s album skyrocketing up the charts, the last thing I want is a girlfriend. I like it rough and preferably with strangers, and I sure as hell don’t do love. Ever since my buddy introduced me to the kooky pet wedding photographer, I’ve done my best to ignore her. But Mia won’t take no for an answer. Now
she’s all I think about.


glimpse of South’s photo and it’s a serious case of insta-lust. Then I
meet him in the flesh, and all bets are off. I’m determined to make the blue-eyed rocker mine. At least for a night or two. Who knew he’d want so much more? But I know for a fact he won’t want this—my sweet, tiny little secret.

How can I keep them both—the rock star and his baby—when a 'watcher' in the shadows is determined to make sure I don't?

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Book Length: 320-650 Pages

Amy J. Heart