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Miracle at Holly Hill Inn

By Maddie James

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Sometimes all we need is to believe.

Ariana Angelo's blog specializes in "all things Christmas, all year long." While traveling New England in search of the perfect Christmas village, she lands in Dickens amid the town's Christmas festivities--and a snowstorm. She's delighted and giddy with holiday cheer and can literally feel the magic of the season in her bones.

Matt Matthews--owner of the century-old Dickens Hardware--dislikes the season, despite all the Christmastime holiday hoopla. He's all about regular business, not a holiday ornament or tree trimming bauble to be found in his store. The holiday triggers unwanted memories, so he avoids the festivities--and the people--as much as possible.

While she set out to find the perfect Christmas village, Ariana instead finds the town Scrooge. Will two days snowbound together at the historic Holly Hill Inn bring them closer together on their holiday differences, or send them each on their merry way?

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