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Inciting a Riot: A Riot MC Novel #2

By Karen Renee

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Cary “Vamp” Sullivan earned his Riot MC patch and shoved Lorraine
Francis Ingram out of his life six years ago by cheating on her. He’s
regretted it ever since because he knew she was a top-notch woman. After
mentioning his regrets to his brother, Cal, Vamp suddenly finds himself
faced with an opportunity to win Lorraine back. When he runs into her
unexpectedly and finds out she has been beaten at the hands of a man,
Vamp and his Riot MC Brothers are determined to protect her. Vamp is
determined to get her back in his life, and he knows it’s going to be an
uphill battle.

Lorraine insists that if any Riot MC Brother is
going to protect her, it cannot be Vamp. She gets no promises from the
Riot MC, and she finds herself with Vamp at her doorstep. She’s
determined there will be no second chances, but her resolve is weakened
because Vamp isn’t playing fair, he’s fighting…fighting to win her over.

she and Vamp are reunited again, they realize there is a very real
threat to them both. Lorraine and Vamp are put to the test to rekindle
their long lost love and stay alive.


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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Karen Renee