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Abrupt Changes: A Second Chance Romance (O-Town Book 3)

By Karen Renee

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Weeks after a bitter divorce, tragedy brings me
back to Orlando for the foreseeable future to care for my mother and
determine what direction my life should take.

When someone unlocks the back door to my mother’s house, I expect an intruder.

I never thought I’d run into Clint Ramsey like this. After nine years, my attraction to him hasn’t faded.

He not only has a key to Mom’s house, he has a key to my heart.

It takes all my resolve to steel myself against him and the magnetic pull he’s always held over me.


When I fell in love with Raegan, I fell in love with her mom and sister, too.

The day I left her in New York City was the worst day of my life. It destroyed our future, and I’ve regretted it ever since.

Raegan back in Orlando, I’m determined to keep my distance to protect
my heart and my peace of mind. The problem is deep down; I know this is
my last shot at happiness and I won’t let it slip away.

When Raegan’s safety is threatened, I must fight to protect the only woman I’ve ever loved.

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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Karen Renee