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Beta Test (Beta Series Book 1)

By Karen Renee

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Justine Chambers is adjusting to life after a divorce. To pay the bills,
she is opening a side business. Meanwhile, her friend Natasha badgers
her to join an online dating site or worse, let her set Justine up with a
man. Justine will not deal with another Alpha male in her life like her
ex-husband. Her next man will be an easy-going “Beta” male.

Randall does not believe in long term relationships. Short term romance
is his jam. After he meets Justine for drinks, he’s certain bachelorhood
is it for him. Justine screams high maintenance and James is as
low-frills as a man can be. What you see is what you get with James…most
of the time. When co-worker calls in sick, James finds himself at
Justine’s home and their chemistry ignites.
Will James take a chance on a relationship with this feisty female?
Can Justine endure another Alpha male, even if he’s disguised as a Beta?

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Book Length: 320-650 Pages