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Southern Heat Book 2: A Small Town Romance

By Amanda Heartley

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I'm not one to run...but right now, I need to be anywhere except this podunk town.

I'm fleeing from my past.
Trying to rise above the drama I left behind.
I'm broken-hearted and alone.
Hoping I'll find the life and love I crave.

And when handsome billionaire boss, Nick Vargas, walks into my life, everything changes.
He’s bold, charming, and perilously sexy.
One look at him, and a glass of sweet tea later; I know my heart is in trouble...
Big trouble.

I'm scarred from the tragic loss of an old flame.
I've sworn never to put my feelings on the line again.
But one touch, and the sight of those curves?
The chemistry is undeniable. A beautiful distraction.
But we'll go our separate ways at the next truck stop.
Or can she give me a second chance at love to put my painful past behind me?

Read the steamy conclusion to this sizzling romance set in the deep south of the United States.


ISBN: 1073121194

Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Amanda Heartley