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Guns Over Texas

By Frank Wheeler

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Outlaw Ed Blevins wants a new life, even if it means killing everyone he meets to get it.
Rancher Cobb Massey’s just trying to raise his brothers right and stay out of people’s way.
When Blevins shows up in WIldsprings, Texas with his gang of two dozen armed men, he starts a battle that soon becomes a war.

Massey can’t ignore the gunfire or recent string of murders. And he won’t let Blevins steal Widow Hart’s ranch from right under her nose, especially when she’s young, beautiful, and all alone.
But Mrs. Hart isn’t the only one who catches Blevins’ eye.
A mysterious woman has just bought the town’s saloon, and her connection to Blevins might be Massey’s undoing.
But Massey’s got some tricks of his own. Armed with courage, cunning, and a battle plan, he won’t stop until Blevins is six feet under and Wildsprings is safe.

There’s just one problem—Blevins doesn’t give up easily, and he knows how to make Massey hurt.
Can one man defeat an army of outlaws without losing his life?
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Frank Wheeler