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Notorious Man on Campus

By Stephanie Queen

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Despite promises, once they left I never saw any of them again. In the universe of un-trustworthy women, there's Nyla, the she-devil, the girl who broke my brother's heart, the one who caused him to drop out of college to work at the family business in nowhere Pennsylvania. She holds a specially vile place in the black hole that would be my heart. Some unholy deity could not have dialed up a more heinous torture, a more poisonous punishment than to force me to spend my senior year living under the same roof as . But Majik hired her and there's no going against Majik's decree that she needs Nyla's help to cook and clean at BMOC House. Welcome to my senior year. Turning from the best time of my life as star QB on campus on my way to the NFL, to a living purgatory where I'm reminded daily of the one most absolutely f*cked up mistake I've ever made. My dreams of a pro football career could come crashing down. Worse, I could lose whatever shreds of a family I still have. (

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Stephanie Queen