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A Desert Scorched Rose

By C L Tustin

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Conaria 1964...

Leaving London far behind academic
Victoria Barrington embarks on the trip of a lifetime, relishing her chance to
explore the previously closed desert kingdom of Conaria. But things are not the
way she expected and a chance purchase triggers a chain of events that will
change everything.

 Tadejah, the spoilt son of the king,
anything he has ever wanted has been his for the taking. Ruthless, arrogant and
passionately patriotic, when he spots a stolen piece of Conarian history on Victoria’s
wrist his rage engenders an outrageous plan for its return.

 Stranded in the desert, far from civilisation,
her guide vanishes leaving Victoria to battle her heart and face the
machinations of a man who has never been denied… welcome to Conaria…


Book Length: 150-320 Pages


C L Tustin