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Pestilence: A Drew Murphy Post-Apocalyptic Thriller

By E.M. Kelly

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It Has Begun!

Get ready for an electrifying ride that will leave you on the edge of your seat!

Pestilence draws you into the gripping world of Drew Murphy, a former Marine turned EMT, who finds himself caught in the middle of a nightmare. As the sinister virus engulfs the globe, chaos reigns supreme and society crumbles. With his survival hanging in the balance, Drew must team up with an unlikely ally, Steve, a recovering addict fueled by newfound faith. Together, they navigate the treacherous path home, battling both external and internal demons.

While Drew fights for his life, his wife Annabelle faces her own harrowing ordeal. Thrust into a position of strength she never imagined, Annabelle must protect her elderly mother and young daughter amidst the chaos. Her resilience and determination will be tested as she uncovers a reservoir of strength she never knew she possessed.

Can Drew overcome the unforgiving landscape of a world gone mad? Only time will tell if he can outwit the lawless, bloodthirsty crowds in an epic journey home to save his family.

With heart-pounding action and unexpected twists, Pestilence is a gripping page-turner that will leave you breathless.

E.M. Kelly's debut novel sets the stage for an unforgettable series that delves into the darkest depths of the human condition. Embark on this thrilling journey through hell and get ready to be hooked from the very first page.


  • Readers Favorite - Bronze Medal for Action Fiction

  • Readers Favorite Five Star Reviews

  • Chanticleer International Book Awards - Global Thriller Semi-Finalist

  • New Apple Book Awards for Excellence in Independent Publishing – “Official Selection” EBOOK – SCIENCE FICTION

  • TopShelf Book Awards Nominee


ISBN: 979-8428002683

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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

E.M. Kelly