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Monsters of Utopia

By Cameron McVey

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Monsters of Utopia is story of first contact with aliens from deep space and deep within ourselves.

Monsters begins - as all great stories do - in medias res. The arena of action is the Rocky Mountains near Denver, CO, USA. The three main characters are Clark, Bob and Sharon. There is a war going on. Clark is a prisoner of the military - not an enemy, but a potential asset. Sharon is a facilitator sent to convince Clark to help the military in its efforts against the enemy, known only as 'jellies' at this point. We learn about Bob, left behind when Clark was captured, from his journal entries uploaded and reviewed by the military.

The jellies are giant, flying jellyfish. They have the ability to overcome resistance by altering the public's perception of reality. Before he was captured, Clark had direct experience with these jellie-created illusions. Sharon manipulates Clark in order to use him as a guinea pig for the military. Clark infiltrates the jellie-controlled territory of Denver. Sharon does not necessarily agree with the military's plan but she understands the need for action against the jellies.

Reports from the "World Archive," a digital repository of information established in response to the jellies attacking the planet, provide more details about the origin of the jellies and, possibly, some other forces involved in the battle for Earth. More details about other players in the conflict are provided by further "World Archive" entries. We are given the sense that creatures from outer space will have some part to play before the story is done.

What will happen to Sharon, Clark and Bob?

Who or what is Sebastian Oglethorpe?

Will the jellies conquer the world and eradicate humankind?

Read Monster of Utopia to find out

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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Cameron McVey