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Begininng Light: The Oracle Epic | Book 1

By Marie Silva

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In the year 2536, The Unified Consortium Alliance is in a devastating war against a mysterious enemy known as the Prax Order. 

And they are in desperate need of help. 

Seeking out assistance in unclaimed space, they come in contact with the E-S'hanti Tribes. The older members of the Alliance knew who the E-S'hanti are and encouraged the other members to consider their offer of help, even though the E-S’hanti are as mysterious as their enemy. All the E-S'hanti wanted from the Alliance was for them to come to their territory on a space vessel designed by the E-S'hanti to go by the name of Oracle and two specific people were to be onboard: Captain Steven Garrison and Commander Cameron Quinn.

Steven, Cameron and the crew of the Oracle will venture out into the unclaimed space to meet with the E-S'hanti while traversing through new personal relationships, the danger of their enemy chasing them, an enemy agent onboard to cause trouble and the legend that connects the two people specifically chosen for this ship.

This is the story of their first mission.

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