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The Deceiving (The Unveiling Series Book 2)

By Laurie Harrison

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She thinks her new powers can save them all. Doing it single-handedly could be a fatal mistake…

Natalie Clark is furious. After learning the truth about her sister’s kidnapping, the eighteen-year-old telepath is determined to unleash the full extent of her growing supernatural gifts to exact revenge. But knowing the fiend who’s holding her sibling also wants to kill her boyfriend, the brave young woman elects to go after her alone.

Learning from a vision the abductor plans to murder his hostage in a mere three days’ time, Natalie surrenders herself to him in exchange for her sister’s freedom. But after she discovers the whole thing was a trap, she fears she’s put the life of everyone she loves at risk.

Can Natalie escape a master manipulator, or has a rash decision led them all to their doom?

The Deceiving is the electrifying second book in The Unveiling Series of paranormal romantic suspense novels. If you like robust characters, powerful twists, and high-octane action, then you’ll love Laurie Harrison’s rollercoaster ride.

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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Laurie Harrison