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Finding Lost Hearts

By Andrew Miller

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Hunting down pirates and slaughtering them for fun and profit might provide plenty of satisfaction, but not much profit. Like most bounty hunters, Lisa finds it best to supplement her income with other work, in her case by contracting out to clients looking to have targets tracked down in a discrete and professional manner. But after the capture and return of a telepathic gigolo at the behest of a jilted sugar mama, Lisa’s skirting of the legalities of jurisdiction and personal rights draw the attention of the dreaded Federation Intelligence Agency, the first such agency in the history of humanity to ensure the continued security of all via the safeguarding of liberty, rather than its violation. Gunther Von Richtoven, the fearsome Chief of the FIA, takes a fiendish delight in summoning the antisocial bounty hunter to old Earth itself, for… a job interview over dinner. Offering her a challenge unlike anything she’s ever faced before, against the single greatest and most horrific threat that humanity has ever known.

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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Andrew Miller