By K. Leigh

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A brand new lgbt+ sci-fi novella about Sentient AI, unjust systems and finding love in a broken world.

A man wakes up alone in a surreal world of white rooms, small plants, cube-shaped food, curious tables and electronic dictionaries that hijack into neck ports. There is nothing here but empty space, empty people and the daily on/off grind. You’re born alone, feel only what you’re programmed to, hunt for your missing piece, die after coupling, and that’s that.

Or at least, that’s how it’s supposed to play out. There’s just one problem: The unnamed protagonist Lacks nothing and feels enough for several thousand lifetimes. He’s an Error. Burdened with self-awareness and insanity, our brave/broken hero battles an absurd world with nonsensical rules until he meets someone like him. A person, a destiny, a memory, or maybe a promise, the two struggle in a closed system hell-bent on keeping them in-line. For what purpose? It’s complicated.

Let’s just say nothing is what it seems and maybe the machines really will save humanity from its ultimate enemy: Itself.

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ISBN: 978-1-7368053-3-6

Book Length: 0-60 Pages