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Stowaway Star Runner

By C.G. Harris

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Who knew babysitting an alien would be so hard?

Ben and the crew have set course for an alien planet, but the inhabitants are far from what they expected. They have answers that could get their baby Viraquin home but Ben isn’t sure he’s willing to pay the price for the well guarded secret.

En route to the planet, they receive a distress call from a crippled ship and are bound by law to help. The life support system onboard is failing and the crew is dying. Ben and Lois are their last hope. The power couplings needed to ensure their survival are easy enough to get, they just have to be plundered from another ship. A perfect way for Ben and his crew to break into the space pirate business. Too bad they’ve targeted one of the most ruthless aliens in the galaxy as their mark.

It’s a race against time to escape destruction, save the crippled ship and learn the secret that can safely deliver the baby Viraquin home.

Stowaway Star Runner is book 2 in the Viraquin Voyage space pirate series. Watch for book 3 expected to be released in December 2022.

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Book Length: 150-320 Pages