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Tokyo Games

By Yurie Kiri

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Virtual video games, the kind where human game characters wear special video glasses that allow a game player to see and hear the action while the game character is following the player’s commands to pick up bits of game magic.  One night a game character witnesses a murder while in the company of a woman he met in a game.  However, the murderer is more than just a sex-crazed fiend and the woman who witnessed the murder of her friend is no ordinary woman.  The battle between the woman who wants revenge for her friend’s murder and the evil person who murdered her begin to pull the game character down an endless rabbit hole into a vastly different reality than he has ever experienced.  As this is going down, the game player is dragged along with the game character as that character explores the murderous power of corrupt politicians, despotic religious orders and ancient, flesh-eating, mythological monsters.  The goal of the game becomes a desperate ordeal of survival as the evil forces combine to destroy the gamers.

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Book Length: 320-650 Pages

Yurie Kiri