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Beyond the Wildwood: A Collection of the Creative

By Benjamin X. Wretlind

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From a desert between worlds to a newly inhabited planet light years from Earth, Beyond the Wildwood presents an eclectic collection of 16 short stories, 2 novellas, 10 works of art, 2 essays and 2 articles from the mind of Benjamin X. Wretlind. Each creative work is introduced with a little background.

...A man is picked up wandering the desert, confused about where he is and why. A train is bound for infamy. A typewriter with a history, the mystery of "Them Rabbits" and a look back at a short story that turned into a novel--these short stories will delight you, scare you, and make you wonder just why someone would write them in the first place.

Included in this collection are two novellas, The Retribution of Nathan James and Sunset on Maior Pales.

...Shortly after his wife passes, Nathan James learns the truth about her affairs of the flesh. With nothing to lose and enough cold rage to fuel his quest, Nathan wishes for more than revenge. But will he find it or is there something sinister going on?

...CYN-4329-2316-ACBS-092134853a–known to itself as Cletus–has a bug in its programming. Against all logic, the ghost of a young man has muddled its circuits and promised to give it a soul...provided it do one small thing only a self-aware robot with a yearning to self-actualize can do.

Come take a walk Beyond the Wildwood and see what else is out there.


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Book Length: 320-650 Pages

Benjamin X. Wretlind