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By J.W. Griffin

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A final shadow swallows the Sun and Earth, and in mere minutes, humanity is erased from the cosmos—all save one.

When Ryan McBain regains consciousness, he is drifting alone in orbit. He soon comes to realize that life as he knew it is gone. In a handful of minutes, a savage force destroys his home planet, and a dark evil consumes his host star. As he is left in darkness and injured near death, a family of alien scavengers happen upon the last human. Their culture follows the Peaceful Path, and the family rescues him in more ways than one.

A higher purpose is in play for Ryan, and the path forward is twisted by mysterious correlations to his troubled past. Death is a constant presence and fuels a madness that drives him to the doorstep of ancient lifeforms. Using images from his past to communicate, a race of stellar beings makes first contact with the last of humanity. Through a shared cognitive overlap, an unlikely alliance is formed.

Along with the tender camaraderie of quirky ancient beings, Ryan is presented with a means to travel the galaxy. All the while, an evil presence continues to drive a horde of dark minions across the Milky Way and threatens the lives of billions.
The purpose of the new alliance is to face off with the end. Ryan knows that to kill a monster, you must first understand it. However, living long enough to know this enemy is far easier said than done.

Day Zero is the first book in a gripping science fiction adventure that chronicles the last of humanity traveling in space, forming alliances with advanced alien life, and evolving to counter dark forces.


Book Length: 320-650 Pages