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Strange New Worlds IV (Star Trek Book 4)

By Robert J. Mendenhall

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"Prodigal Father" by Robert J. Mendenhall. Original Series and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan tie-in. Khan murdered his friends, hi-jacked a starship, and stole the deadly Genesis Device. Now, Khan is bombarding the USS Enterprise with his wrath and photon torpedoes, and the only thing standing in his way is the man David Marcus has spent his life hating–Captain James T. Kirk. In the moments leading to their destruction, David learns there’s more to Kirk than he knew. But can he reconcile with his father before Khan destroys them all?

In the fourth year of its ongoing mission, the Strange New Worlds writing competition has once again sought out exciting new voices and imaginations among Star Trek's vast galaxy of fans. After scanning countless submissions for signs of style and originality, the judges are proud to report that the universe of amazing Star Trek writers just keeps expanding. Strange New Worlds IV features more than a dozen never-before-published stories spanning the twenty-third and twenty-fourth centuries, from the early days of James T. Kirk and his crew to the later generations of Captains Picard, Sisko, and Janeway. These memorable new tales explore and examine the past and future of Star Trek from many different perspectives. Join Strange New Worlds in its thrilling quest to uncover the most compelling Star Trek action this side of the Galactic Barrier!
Edited by Dean Wesley Smith. Contributing authors: Ilsa J. Bick, Kevin Killiany, Kevin G. Summers, Charles Anderson, Robert J. Mendenhall, and more.
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Book Length: 320-650 Pages

Robert J. Mendenhall