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Wrong Man Wright Time: An Interracial Time Travel Romance

By Niomie Roland

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A woman desperate to change her past...

When Ryha wakes up twenty years in the past, she can't help but feel grateful. And she doesn't waste her time questioning how she time traveled back to Y2K either. 

All she wants is to secure her future husband's affections, and cement a stronger foundation for their marriage. 

What she didn't expect is her brother's attractive roommate; Xavier, and the way his touch elicits her body's most primitive response. He stirs emotions within her that she never knew existed, but she knows they can never be together. 

She already has a husband, didn't she? 

Meets a man who could give her the future she always wanted...

Xavier had always nurtured a secret crush on his roommate's sister, but he knew Ryha was completely off limits. After becoming privy of Ryha's secret, Xavier will stop at nothing to help her --to have her-- even though she is technically married to another man. 

A man Xavier believes is not worthy of her. 

Xavier knows he isn't perfect (and he doesn't want to be), but he knows Ryha is perfect for him and he is determined to win her heart.

Is she be daring enough to accept her second chance at happiness and love?


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Book Length: 150-320 Pages