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EMP Last Light

By Colton Lively

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Against all odds, in a silent, threatening world, two sisters fight for survival and the chance to rewrite their past.

Caught in a jail cell after defending each other from their predatory foster brother, foster sisters Olive and Sam Anderson are trapped in a remote small town under the thumb of a corrupt officer. A sudden EMP blast turns their world dark and silent, even as an unseen threat looms in their station's shadows. A desperate survival game begins, pushing them towards a remote homestead, their only refuge in this unpredictable world. Will their sisterly bond, courage and ingenuity be enough to escape the escalating dangers and finally break free from their past?

The Last Cabin

A cabin on the outskirts of a city becomes the sanctuary for a mother and her two children during the unfolding crisis of an EMP.

Life has hardened Joanna Mercer, and she has spent the past four years since her husband's death preparing herself against the uncertainties of life. After an EMP destroys the nation's power grid, every ounce of that strength will be tested.


Book Length: 650+ Pages