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In Ora: The Land of the Superior

By Sotto Voce

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In a world divided between the superior and the bereft, a desperate man must find a way to save someone he cares about. But what sacrifice does he have to make?

Luke thought he’d found purpose again. After years of heartache and a devastating loss, his companionship with the strong-willed Ruyi gave him a reason to cherish life, even in a home plagued with poverty and disease, the Origin. But when he learns about Ruyi’s life-threatening and mysterious disease, Luke is prepared to seek help in the only place a cure exists, Ora.

Returning to Ora thrusts him into an intriguing world where everyone has achieved physical superiority and perfection. It has advanced technology and found keys to tailoring genes and eradicating diseases. But Ora’s solution came with an exorbitant tag.

To Ora, Origin is just its arrogant but fallen ancestor, and now, a defective neighbor with nothing to offer. They could save Ruyi, but what is the cost that Luke has to pay?


ISBN: 9798486454226

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Book Length: 320-650 Pages