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Robot Bebop

By Tom Dell'Aringa

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hn MacAlister knew he should be happy. After his redemption with the Star Corps, he’s settled into a respectable new life on Kaldikar-6, grinding a living out of the desolate Blanchlands while building a relationship with his officer girlfriend, Tam.

But the yearning for adventure remains. When a covert message is received from a scientist long believed dead, John takes it as a sign that his days as a space adventurer aren’t yet over.

The message is from Bernie Jennison, a brilliant AI engineer and the progenitor of Castor - an AI so dangerous that its creators shut it down a decade earlier - or so they thought!

Bernie reveals that Castor is artificially alive and well, controlling a space station at the edge of the Periphery. From there, the rogue AI has been silently corrupting computer systems across the galaxy - making them part of the Mesh; an AI network through which Castor could enslave civilization.

Convinced the Star Corps won’t intervene, John drags Alvis on a reckless mission to stop Castor before it achieves superintelligence and enslaves the galaxy. However, it’s not just his reputation with the Star Corps or his relationship with Tam that John will jeopardize through his impulsive actions.

If he and Alvis fail to stop Castor, the lives of billions will be at stake.

Robot Bebop is the second installment in The John and Alvis Sessions - a series of fast-paced and witty science fiction adventures described as “Han Solo meets Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.”
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