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Jaegryn The First Law: A Sci-fi Monster Hunter (Legends of the Fall Phase 1)

By The Archivist

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Those who hunter monsters...

…must become one's themselves.

This is the first law of the hunt

As the last of his pack, Jaegryn works alone. Yet on an alien world, he has no choice but to enlist Sloan as a guide.
Can he fight off monstrous threats while protecting her too?

Sloan's no pushover. As an experienced search and rescue officer, she's honed her survival skills in the wilderness. It's her profession.

His is blood, death, and monsters.

Determined, Sloan will risk everything to find the child. Jaegryn knows she's right, but he hesitates. The failures of his past weigh upon him. Time's running out. A decision must be made. The child's life hangs in the balance.

Together, they'll confront otherworldly creatures from another realm, ultimately finding themselves caught between two powerful and opposing forces.

Dive into this thrilling sci-fi monster hunter adventure that delivers what we all need: companionship and perhaps… just perhaps… the chance to become a hero.

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