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Sigil 2: Death Garden: A Science Fantasy Adventure

By The Archivist

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An ancient source of power rediscovered...

...an expedition is launched.

Can they survive the death garden?

As a Sigil, Sylvanus is a force to be reckoned with. Yet even his arcane powers can't protect him from the political machinations he's been thrust into. They are pieces, to be moved or cast aside as required.

Like flies caught in a spider's web.

Worst still, someone within the expedition harbors a secret. That secret's terrible power is one Sylvanus knows all to well. Yet maybe even dark secrets can be useful.

Will they survive or become another shallow grave -consumed by the death garden?

As Sergeant Raala would say, "Death is certain. Failure is not an option."

You'll adore these band of heroes in this science fantasy adventure because we all love an underdog with their backs against the wall!

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