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The Rise of the Republic: Books One to Three

By James Rosone

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The Faster-Than-Light Ship…

…was the key to reaching New Eden.

Would humanity find a new home or a terrible threat?

In high orbit, Hunt looked down at the blue-green planet roughly 5% larger than Earth. It would be perfect. As he waited for the first scan to be completed, he was stunned by the discovery of inhabitants—more like prisoners on what was believed to be an uninhabited planet. Then he saw them…

This can’t be true—can it?

My God, what have we stumbled upon?

The next move brought with it questions he couldn’t answer. Who were these people, how would they react to the presence of the RNS Rook above their planet, and if things went south, were his crew and ship able to handle a fight?

The next few seconds would change everything…

…and there would be no going back.

You’ll love this Epic Military Space adventure because these first three books will keep you turning the pages to find out what happens next. It’s tough to put down.

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ISBN: 978-1-961748-23-1

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Book Length: 650+ Pages

James Rosone