By Hugh Finch

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With his career and reputation on the line, Dr. Christian Yates refuses to abandon his controversial theory that human DNA contains an infinite repository of ancestral memories.

But, Christian may get more than he bargained for as his mission garners the attention of a notorious serial killer and a ruthless pharmaceutical CEO seeking the same knowledge.

"...a true masterpiece." -OnlineBookClub Reviews

"...a mind blowing psychological thriller." -Discovery Reviews

"...this is a thriller ...concept, action and danger pay dividends ...the reader can't resist going forward to find out how it all connects." -Kirkus Reviews

What if every human on the planet carries a dark secret in their DNA?

What if memories could be passed to the next generation with the ease of physical traits such as eye or hair color?

How can an entire lifetime of memories flash before a person's eyes in just a split second during a near death experience?

Dr. Christian Yates risks everything to answer these questions and many more as the memories of his murdered father and the patient he couldn't save haunt him.

Accompany Chistian through the exotic landscapes of Denmark, Greenland, and Switzerland as he pursues the truth with a deranged serial killer hot on his heels.

The parting gift is a mind-boggling 'whodunit' conclusion that has kept even the most discriminating critics glued and guessing right to the end.

Dr. Finch narrates with a humble authenticity, forged in the flames of a traumatic childhood and honed by his years as an Assistant Dean and Professor.

Eternally grateful for the support that saved him after a rough start in life, Dr. Finch is committed to paying it forward. A majority of all royalties from 'Arctic Revelation' are donated to supporting mental health awareness, including causes like the opioid crisis and veterans with PTSD—just a few of the many themes deeply woven into the fabric of this groundbreaking thriller.

Set against the contrasting backdrops of a tranquil Rhode Island university and the mystical landscapes of Denmark, Greenland, and Switzerland, the novel takes the reader on an exhilarating chase for the truth. Christian's quest leads him to Greenland's icy terrains, in search of an ancient psychotropic elixir lost in the vast seas of time. This elixir is not just a key to healing Christian's psyche but also a gateway to unlocking primal human memories, presenting him with a life-altering choice.

Finch's novel is praised for its unique blend of speculative science and murder mystery, touching upon themes like psychedelic-assisted therapy, Danish culture, the opioid crisis, life in academia, repressed trauma, the plight of Indigenous peoples, and the pressing issue of climate change. The early chapters set the stage for Christian's background, alternating between his present-day struggles and past encounters, including the traumatic incident that leads to a patient's murder, for which Christian is initially blamed.

As Christian delve


Book Length: 150-320 Pages