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Primal Eclipse

By Stan C. Smith

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A new world for Earth’s last survivors. But something deadly waits for darkness to fall.
Ember Steele only wanted to live a full life. That’s why she went into stasis, to wait for a cure for her terminal disease. Now she and five other people awaken in a spacecraft, far from Earth. Hundreds of years have passed. Everyone Ember knew is long dead. And what’s worse—far, far worse—humanity is all but extinct.

Ember and the others aren’t astronauts, scientists, or soldiers, yet they’ve been selected for a monumentally important mission. Why? Because they all have the same terminal condition, making them the only people who can survive in a faster-than-light needle ship.

Their mission: select a suitable terraformed planet for human civilization to start over.

The clock is ticking. With limited air and no food or water, this ragtag team must act fast or fail. They land on Tenoth, a seemingly hospitable world, but soon find themselves in a nightmare of deception and danger. Worst of all are the eclipses, when Tenoth’s moons obstruct its sun. For when the darkness comes, so comes death.

Primal Eclipse is a post-apocalyptic, colonization adventure with memorable, flawed characters and turbo-paced, nerve-shredding thrills. Perfect for fans of Jasper T. Scott, A.G. Riddle, and M.R. Forbes.


Book Length: 150-320 Pages