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The Shadow Agency

By L. D. Valencia

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With the damage from the shadow assassin still smoldering, Gabriel and his friends are still searching for those working in the shadows. However, finding them presents a serious challenge. The only way to unravel the web of secrecy and discover the culprits is to work with a shady new player and bend the rules.

The moment Gabriel and his team dive into the investigation, they find themselves in a dangerous situation they have never expected. A mission with uncertain loyalties and allies you once thought you could trust, leaves Gabriel unsure of what to do.

With pressure from the Protectorate looming, Gabriel must make deals and cross the lines he has never crossed before. Unwilling to turn his back on a friend, he finds himself in a no-win situation and the wrong choice can cost him everything.

Will he do what is right and protect a fiend, or will he follow the rules of his job?

If you like Mission Impossible with a superhero spin, then you will love The Shadow Agency. Get your copy now!


Book Length: 150-320 Pages