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Aebris Storm

By Benjamin X. Wretlind

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It's surf or turf on the remote alien planet Minor Pales.
After a devastating attack sinks the prison mining rig Amesware Abyss, Levi Hurley and a ragtag group of survivors find themselves adrift with untrustworthy companions. Their already precarious situation worsens when Levi discovers he has an unwilling telepathic link with Nerisse, an alien he once tried to rescue. Nerisse claims the Aebrisians have been mining Minor Pales's oceans for centuries, making humans unwanted "claim jumpers" in their seas.

With an unstoppable Aebrisian fleet tightening its grip, Levi and his band of misfits race to slip off-planet. But the discovery of a shadowy alien bioweapons facility hints that even greater dangers lurk in Minor Pales's depths. Levi schemes a desperate, last-ditch gambit for escape before they all meet their end in the extraterrestrial leviathans’ lethal path.

Rescuing Nerisse was a bad idea. But much worse ideas are just around the corner, as Levi fights to cheat death and find a way to safety before the end of everything...including Earth.

Don't miss this thrilling sci-fi adventure, where bad fish are only the start of the problem.


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Book Length: 150-320 Pages