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The Widening Gyre: Transits of Power

By Benjamin X. Wretlind

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From the ashes of common ancestors, can new societies forge a united path?

When Abel, exiled from the Col'kasid, is discovered by a scout team from an unknown tribe, he finds himself embroiled in a struggle for peace. Together with Kaius, a New Emilian who understands the past, and Gideon, the great-grandson of the founder of the Col'kasid, they face a daunting task: bridging the divide between two societies with vastly different beliefs and histories.

But negotiations sour when Gideon is imprisoned for attempting to steal ancient texts. Soon he finds himself torn between duty and temptation when the alluring ruler Liorah exploits his situation. Though she provides aid, it comes at a price.

As the two tribes struggle to find common ground, a new threat emerges from the shores of the Barren Sea. The Zhanshi, a tribe formed from blood, has been waiting for a chance to arise as the only power on the planet. With the discovery of a ship that brought their ancestors from Earth, their technological advancements are stronger than ever, and they are ready to wage war.

Betrayal and vengeance lurk in the shadows, and a fragile partnership between the tribes is threatened. As they face off in an explosive showdown, the question remains: can they overcome their differences and unite against a common enemy, or will they be destroyed by their own desires for power?

The Widening Gyre is a gripping tale of extensive world-building, betrayal, and quest for power. If you love science fiction that explores the depths of humanity, then Benjamin X. Wretlind's fourth book in the Transit anthropological sci-fi series is a must-read.

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Benjamin X. Wretlind