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By J. Grace Pennington

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The year is 2320.

Andi Lloyd is content with her life as the assistant to her adoptive father, a starship doctor, but her secure world turns upside down when she begins uncovering secrets from her past.

Then her father mysteriously starts losing his mind.

She is no longer able to count on him to help or guide her. With mutiny breaking out on the ship, and two factions desperate for a valuable secret her body holds, she must race to save her father and herself before time runs out.

Radialloy is the first book in the Firmament series, a sci-fi saga chronicling the adventures of young medical assistant Andi Lloyd as she travels through the galaxy aboard the starship Surveyor and navigates the difficulty of family and faith. If you enjoy space travel adventures, complex mysteries, satisfying relationships, you won't want to miss the start of J. Grace Pennington's exciting series.

Power up the warp drive and prepare to fall in love with a whole new world of characters when you download Radialloy and embark on an unforgettable adventure.
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Book Length: 150-320 Pages