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SCIENCE FICTION: BRIAN: Sci-Fi Genetic Engineering Short Story (The Helmsworth Project Book 2)

By Madison Key

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After his family home explodes, sixteen-year-old Brian Helmsworth chases the culprits from Colorado to Wonderland—a remote island laboratory where the experiments that granted him his psionic talents may have continued.

Initially welcomed as a returning prodigal son, Brian soon realizes he is in danger of being added to a mad scientist's collection of test subjects, if he isn't first captured by the same megalomaniac who had his parents killed!

But, thanks to his father's patient coaching, Brian has a trick in his bag that nobody can see coming. He may also have a potential ally straight out of his imagination.

Reading Order for this Coming of Age Science Fiction Series:
1. Claire
2. Brian
3. Jenna
4. Prodigy's Promise


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Book Length: 0-60 Pages