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The Signpost Up Ahead: A Short Story Collection

By Stephen Wise

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Prepare to be intrigued, terrified, and delighted by the fifteen imagintive short stories contained in this collection, comprising works of science fiction, fantasy, horror, slice of life, and a bit of the absurd.

Electronic Telepathy – a police forensics android investigates a mysterious murder, but uncovers aspects of himself he never knew existed...and which threatens his very existence.

Ode de la Lune – an orchestral conductor premieres the symphony that’s been his life’s work, but struggles to contain a medical condition that manifests during the performance.

Closing Time – a mother searches frantically for her young son as time grows increasingly closer to tragegy.

A Perfect Copy – a despicable businessman gets his comeuppance when he uses a copy machine that has a mind of its own.

The Barn – a boy faces his worst fears on a wintry night when confronting a monster living in the darkness of his farm.

Viking Funeral – a guy and his friends scheme to give his recently deceased brother the sendoff he always wanted.

The Chosen One – a farmboy is sent on a quest when he learns he’s the subject of an ancient prophecy...though it’s not quite what he expects.

Stephen Wise invites you to join him in these and other tales.
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Stephen Wise