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The Moon Travelers

By K.E. Davenport

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Mina, a teenage girl from Earth, is lured away to the moon
by forces beyond her control. Once she arrives, she begins to realize that she
has entered a new realm. Instead of finding an uninhabited world light on
gravity, she finds a world full of people and animals—not entirely unlike the
one she left behind. 

Mina's longing to return home takes her on an adventure through a marketplace
of unusual characters known as the Moon Travelers. Eventually, she makes a
daring journey across the moon's desert landscape--guided at times by a talking
map and a lunar wolf.

Before Mina can go home, she is pulled into a secret battle against a madman
who's trying to take control of the entire moon. To get home, she'll have to
win. But to win, she’ll have to put everything on the line to save the Moon
Travelers. Even once she discovers that not everything is as it seems…

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Book Length: 320-650 Pages