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A Healer's Gift: A LitRPG Fantasy (Adventures on Brad Book 1)

By Tao Wong

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A Gifted Healer. A Dungeon Town. A Fate Yet to be Determined.

Daniel was Gifted by the gods at birth, able to heal with a touch even the most grievous wounds. Born in a mining camp, he's unable to still his restless heart and journeys to a nearby Dungeon town to take his first steps as an Adventurer. Follow his journey in a world filled with monsters, dungeons and a leveling system.

A Healer's Gift is a traditional fantasy story with LitRPG elements inspired by popular light novels like Dan Machi, Konosuba and Grimgar. The Adventures on Brad is a series of short novels set in a fantasy world and details the day-to-day life of Daniel and his friends as he learns what it means to be an Adventurer.

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ASIN: B071KD1X35

Book Length: 150-320 Pages