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Thrills and Spills

By Dominique Kyle

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How can you face the world when your most humiliating and painful moments have been broadcast to the whole nation? Wouldn’t you just want to curl up and die?

Eve McGinty and Adam Quinn are competing head to head to win the Formula Two Stocks ‘Novice of the Year’ title when a TV company turns up to film a year-long fly-on-the-wall documentary entitled ‘Thrills and Spills’. They want to recruit two young people who are just setting out in their racing careers to star in the show. When they sign up Eve and Quinn, the pair are forced to get used to increasing media intrusion in their lives.

But it’s all good fun, right? Everyone wants to be on TV, don’t they? What could possibly go wrong? When every aspect of life has to be played out in the glare of the public eye, can love survive intact? Can you?

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ISBN: 978-1838126063

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Book Length: 320-650 Pages