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The Hang-Up

By David McMullen

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The Hang-Up is unique…….has it ever been done before….not like this.


‘The Hang-Up’ puts the reader
there as the songs are written, recorded and performed, as well as allowing the
reader to hear  the songs written
throughout the story as they’ve all been professionally recorded and are
available for the reader’s listening pleasure or for download.

2: Australian author/songwriter
D.J McMullen has crafted a story that will seduce, from the opening lines to
the twist at the end that you didn’t see coming.   

3: The Story…..Set in the mid
1970’s Australian/American music scene; ‘The Hang-Up’ gives a fly-on-the-wall
insight into why the songs were written. The reader will walk side-by-side with
the characters as they step out onto the world stage. They’ll share the highs
and the lows as they navigate the giddy heights and the lonely nights of life
as popular music stars.

4: ‘The Hang-Up’, complete with
soundtrack, is a story for music lovers (and who isn’t a music lover), and
lovers of a gripping tale that takes them back to place in one way or another
they’ve all been to.

5: The Movie…..It hasn’t been
made yet. But it could be…..Why not! ‘The Hang-Up’ is to today’s movie-goers
what ‘A Star Is Born’ was to previous movie-lovers! Cue……………………Baz Luhrmann,
Joel Edgerton, Peter Weir, George Miller…… 

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ISBN: 9 798846 845336

Book Length: 150-320 Pages

David McMullen