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Blood, Fire & Mercy (Da’Valia Trilogy Book 2)

By Christina Davis

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Brace yourself for the second installment of the Da’Valia Trilogy. Neva’s adventure picks up after Born at Dawn with our favorite teen thief trying to revive her Lynx identity, but she’ll get far more than she bargained for with her next job.

18-year-old thief Neva Roberts has been living on the run since absconding with the Eye, a powerful piece of the greatest weapon ever created. But she's running from more than just the Da'Voda clan's cold-hearted ruler. She has exiled herself to a barren land, alone and far from everyone she loves, trying to forget the pain she caused.

When Trinizhi's squad of assassins catches up with Neva, her life on the run comes to an abrupt end, and the ultimate betrayal is unveiled. Only one person - Astiand - knew where she was hiding. One thing is for certain: he’ll pay when she sees him again.

With the help of Emiliand and a new Djinn friend, Neva will return to her homeland for the job of a lifetime. Burdened by her past and up against impossible odds, will she be able to forgive herself in time to win the race for the Sword of Elon?

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Book Length: 320-650 Pages