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Rise of The Order

By Brandon Rohrbaugh

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After the events of Mermaid Cliff, Mark Parker joins The Order and trains for the inevitable war with the dark forces that threaten the world.

Dark magic, spirit animals, and supernatural forces are revealed in this Book 2 of The Awakening Trilogy.

After arriving in Dracfort, Mark Parker learns the way of The Order and trains for the battle of his life. He learns more of Demons and Angels and that there is magic alive and well in the world. Before he can face his fate back on Mermaid Cliff, he learns of an evil that is closer than he thought. The truth about the real world of supernatural beings and dark forces is revealed in this book 2 of The Awakening Trilogy.

Mark meets new friends and enemies along the way, but he never forgets about his mother and the evil cult waiting for him back in Rockport. The events that transpire in this book will thrust readers into the epic finale of the trilogy of book 3.


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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Brandon Rohrbaugh