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The boy was unremarkable. Nothing about him would have made you think he was anything other than a somewhat unkempt young man pushing twenty, walking aimlessly up Lombard Street. No reason anyone would have thought twice about this ordinary young man. Not unless they took a closer look. Then one might see that something was different. Something was wrong. Detective Kurt Dale is in trouble. He is embroiled in a torrid affair with a dangerous woman and he desperately wants out. His mistress has the power to destroy the very fabric of his world. There’s a killer on the loose in his normally tranquil town and he has just become the prime suspect. A hunt for the monster committing these crimes leads to a shattering revelation: A two-hundred year old vampire has risen and a centuries old unconscionable evil is about to be revenged.

ASIN: B0049U47WO

Book Length: 320-650 Pages