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Beyond Power

By Lina Hart

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One epic love story. A futuristic world. And a group of young people discovering their supernatural powers to stand against one man playing God.

Angelia is a hardware tech genius who enjoys her solitary life amid books and robotic technology until a man with silver eyes shapes a new path for her future. As they navigate their feelings for each other, they discover that a few innocent lies only scratch the surface of the dangers they must face together.

In a dystopian future, Marina is one of the few surviving human beings on Earth. She fills her isolated days maintaining her high-tech compound, making supply runs to the now desolate New Eastland, and coping with the loss of her mother. One day, her security perimeter alerts her to the presence of a supposedly extinct cat. Before coming to terms with her new feline friend, a traveler appears at her door, calling into question everything she thought she knew.

A scientist obsessed with finding a super healing gene sets off a chilling chain of genetic events, unleashing a new breed of extraordinary humans. As those without the gene become expendable, a terrifying struggle for survival ensues, and the consequences of playing with genetic fire changes the course of humanity.

As the cast of characters grows in this time-jumping journey, everyone will be faced with one impossible question: what is worth more: evolution and power or love and passion?
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Book Length: 320-650 Pages