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Gelato Forever

By Lynn Joseph

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Is it true love? Or is it Italy?
Ava Walker, the oldest of the five Walker sisters, embarks on a trip to Italy to perfect her gelato-making skills and compete in a gelato contest. Winning the prize money is crucial to fulfilling her dream of owning a Gelateria back home in Maine.

However, things take a turn when she unexpectedly bumps into her former high school crush, Tyler Donovan - a popular jock, a beacon of justice, and an all-around great guy. Ava realizes that Tyler is still everything she's ever wanted, and he's single!

The only problem is that Tyler mistakes Ava for someone else, and Ava can't bring herself to correct him.

Can Ava keep up her charade and win the heart of the man she's falling in love with while also trying to win an international gelato competition?

Or will her dream trip to Italy turn into a recipe for disaster, causing her to lose not only her future but also her true love?

This sweet and charming tale will inspire you to visit Italy or at least head to your nearest gelato shop to savor your favorite flavors. Gelato Forever is the first book by award-winning author, Lynn Joseph, in her new Forever series, which highlights the Walker sisters of Portland, Maine, and their adventures in breathtaking locations.

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Book Length: 150-320 Pages