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The Shadow of Light

By Laurie Bowler

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"The Shadow of Light" is a thrilling tale of magic, mystery, and danger that follows the story of Ruby Blacksmith, a young woman with light and dark powers.

Ruby Blacksmith was raised in an orphanage, but her life took an unexpected turn when she discovered she had been bestowed with light and dark magic powers. However, her newfound abilities come with a price, as she becomes a target for magical enforcers who are tasked with eliminating all black magic from society. In fear for her life, Ruby decides to flee from her pursuers and embark on a journey to find a safe haven where she can harness and control her powers without being persecuted.

Ruby, a skilled survivor who uses her dark powers only when necessary, meets Harry Brimstone, a legendary enforcer with the unique ability to sense dark magic. Rather than taking her life, Harry chooses to investigate her past. Together, they must outsmart their enemies and prevent the darkness from consuming their world.
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Book Length: 320-650 Pages