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Born of Air: An Elemental Origins Novel (The Elemental Origins Series Book 5)

By A.L. Knorr

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All Petra Kara wants in life is to study Archaeology at the
University of Cambridge. And she's so close. She's got the grades, she's got
the ambition. All she needs now is an outrageous sum of money and experience on
an Old World archaeological excavation. If only she could find a way to get rid
of her annoying low-grade telepathy. There's nothing Petra hates more than a
cheat and a liar and it's too easy to cheat when you can read people's minds.

When Petra spies an ad for a volunteer position on an
excavation to North Africa, she knows its meant for her. But there is more
waiting for her in Libya than broken pottery and human remains. A
heart-pounding race through the desert under a sky full of stars with Jesse,
her sexy dig-mate and newfound crush, ends when Petra slides into an ancient
cave-system with strange stones embedded in the walls.

That's where her life changes forever.

As her powers manifest, there are those who think they have
a good reason to destroy her before she becomes too powerful.

Petra knows she is far more than just gales of wind. Just
how old is she? Has she lived before? Who is the man in her vision with the
silver eyes? But the biggest question of all is: will she survive long
enough to learn who she is and what she's really capable of?

Born of Air is the fifth book in The
Elemental Origins Novels
, a series of captivating YA urban fantasy stories
which can be read in any order. If you love strong female protagonists and
elemental magic, then you’ll love A.L. Knorr’s mystical desert adventure.




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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

A.L. Knorr