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Sands of Ruin

By Rose-Marie Muller

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Sands of Ruin is YA dystopian with romantic subplot!

Tropes ~
✨ Reluctant Hero
✨ Feirce FMC, girl with a past
✨ Oppressive Regime
✨ Found Family
✨ Slow Burn Romance 🧡💛
✨ Dual POV

Sands of Ruin is for fans of the Hunger Games, Divergent, and Shatter Me series. An emotional, action-packed story of courage, the fight for what is right, and fierce love.

Everything Harmen Travesci has believed about his life is a lie ...

Ruination can only be redeemed by the hands of courage.

Harm’s parents have sheltered him from the world outside his village all his life, and for good reason. Twice a year, the Guardian Regime, who enforce the Chancellor’s rule, select boys from each village to serve under the commander. Harm is terrified of being selected, knowing that if selected, his family will suffer and most likely face execution for not being able to pay their taxes.

Freedom and a dark-haired girl with brilliant blue eyes are what he dreams of, what he craves. Just before his seventeenth birthday, Harm’s parents arrange for him to be Blended with one of the village girls, an arranged marriage he doesn’t want.

And when the regime starts taking more and more boys from their village homes, Harm rebels. Every action has a consequence, and he pays for his dearly at the hands of the Guardians. Now more than ever he wants to change his world. Harm is desperate to overturn the regime, and end the Chancellor’s rule.

~ A joy to read! Loved these characters, and the worldbuilding was exceptional. (Anna, UK).

~ Could not put this down! And that ending…. Book two please! (Stacey, AUS).

~ Heartbreaking and inspiring, loved it! (Melissa, US).

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ISBN: 978-0-6455759-0-3

Book Length: 320-650 Pages

Rose-Marie Muller