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Metal Angel: An Urban Fantasy Adventure (Rings of the Inconquo Book 3)

By A.L. Knorr

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Ibukun “Ibby” Bashir is Inconquo, an inheritor of ancient power and with it an unending duty to stand against the darkness. She can bend and shape metal to her will, but she is still only human, she feels and bleeds. A fragile guardian, still she stands.
Uncovered after thousands of years, the dark foundations that make her who and what she is begin to rise again. The progenitor, the very first of her bloodline, stirs fitfully––Ninurta, Founder of Kalhu, Hunter before the Gods, Warrior without Match. If he has his way, he will reshape the world with iron, fire, and blood.
Her mentor stolen away and her friends falling around her, Ibby knows too well what she faces. Merciless conspiracies, ancient horrors, treacheries old and new, all are arraigned against a young woman who only wants to see her broken family safe. But with grit, pluck, and a will of iron she is going to save the world, or die trying.
It’s not the path she might have chosen, but what can she do? It is the family business.
Metal Angel is the third and final book in the heart-stopping Rings of the Inconquo series, a spin off from the bestselling Elemental Origins Series brought to you by a collaboration with an epic creator "reminiscent of Tolkien".
Buy Metal Angel and live the forging of a modern legend.
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ISBN: 1989338143

Book Length: 150-320 Pages

A.L. Knorr