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The Binaries: part one

By Jason Manning

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After holding his dying younger brother in his arms, the defector became disenfranchised with the world he lives in. It is obvious the arch-appointee is the villain and despite not having any superpowers he seemingly has a spell over the people. Each of his fingers is adorned with a gold ring yet the people praise his modesty and humbleness. He is the source of all of their misery, but he is the protector of their zone and without his leadership and protection, those vile people of the other zones would climb over the wall and steal what little they had. And what little they did have is given to the arch-appointee. Every morning the giant beast that lives on the other side of the world disk (people here believe the world is flat) would eat the sun. The only way to lure it away from the life-giving sun is to feed it gold. Gold that people don't have and have gone into great debt to obtain. If you think simply not paying the gold would solve the problem, you would then be deemed an outcast, a non-normal which the common person fears the most. If someone were to tell the people the arch-appointee is a charlatan and there is no giant beast trying to eat the sun, then they would be met with the violent rage of the people. How does one liberate those who don't even know they are slaves and being in debt is slave-hood.But the defector has a powerful force on his side, a force much stronger than the lies of the arch-appointee. That force is the truth and he must find a way to expose the powers that be who they truly are.


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Book Length: 150-320 Pages